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How To Clean A Cat

This post could have been called “Must you clean your cat? And if so… How?”. Because the first question is indeed “Must we wash our cats?”. Overall, I don’t see the point in it, EXCEPT in special cases! Yes, cats are usually quite clean animals that clean themselves regularly. It could even be considered their favourite activity – after sleeping of course. But sometimes it just isn’t enough.

cat in bath

In what case must cats be washed?

The first event that springs to mind is when cats come back from their outdoor adventures. In fact, they can often come back full of mud and dirt! Well in this case, although very intricate, a cat tongue will not be enough.

Secondly, there are some breeds that require special treatment such as the Sphynx for example. This is a hairless cat that produces lots of sebum. On the other hand, cats with longer fur tend to get their rear dirty when using the litter tray.

Without mentioning the many cats that compete in competitions and cat expositions.

Next, older cats may sometimes need help. In fact, after a certain age, they can start to have trouble twisting to get to more out of reach areas. And of course, their loss of sense of smell may hinder them as well.

Finally, I will say that a bath can help in bringing a group of cats together if they all live under the same roof. Especially when a new “impostor” arrives. Of course, the bath won’t be a super calming experience helping everyone to calm down but it will clean them all allowing them all to get used to each other’s sent.

How does one clean their cat?

There are many ways to clean a cat depending on how dirty it is, it’s size and even its character.

In any case, the best word of advice is: gently!

Pick the right moment

Never clean a cat after a fight, when it’s playing or chasing its friend. By the same rule, don’t wake it up for a clean. It’s better to wait until it is calm and quiet.

Many methods
Shower glove :

Cleaning a cat

Soaked in warm water, a shower glove – or loofa – can help in removing an excess of sebum and light dirt. Use the glove to stroke your cat  going down it’s back starting from the shoulders.

Dry shampoo :

There are many dry shampoos specialised for animals. For everything to go well, place the cat on a towel so that it doesn’t slide. Either apply the powder delicately to its fur whilst avoiding the face and brush it. Or you could put the shampoo on another towel and rub the cat gently. Always finish by brush the fur.

Cats can be cleaned in the sink (this is better for kittens), or in the bath or shower.

Beware, do not submerge your cat underwater!!

For everything to run smoothly, it is best to move forward step-by-step.

>> Firstly, prepare the room making it warm enough avoiding the cat catching a cold.

>> Prepare everything you will need beforehand: open the shampoo bottle, lay down the towels, get the tool you will use ready .

>> Lay down a towel in the bottom of the bath helping the cat keep grip.

 >> Put the cat on the towel. Keep it there by holding the skin on its neck (this is easier with 2 people), wet the cat gently with a cup of water, whilst avoiding the face and ears.

!! The temperature must be around 38°, not too hot nor too cold!

>> Take a dolop of shampoo in the palm of your hand and massage it into the cats fur.

>> To rinse, always use the shower head covered with a flannel to reduce the pressure. Alternatively, you could use a cup of water to slowly rinse out the shampoo.

>> Once the cat is properly rinced, surround it with the towel to absorb as much water as possible.

!! Try to avoid using a hairdryer as this will frighten the cat with the wind and heat.

>> Leave the cat to shake and lick itself still in the warm room.

Playing with a puppy

In the wonderful world of sharing your life with a puppy, it is essential to start on the right foot the relationship and the bond you establish with him. Playing with a puppy is a fantastic opportunity to teach him certain limits and a healthy interaction, also starting from moments of high excitement.

A puppy is not porcelain, and I bet if you have one nearby, you’ve already been able to prove it. Far from that, when a puppy plays “everything is worth it”, and if he has confidence with you as a playmate, he will begin to raise his energy level to the point where he can hurt you.

Type of games

That it is not porcelain does not mean that we do not have to keep in mind that, in fact, it is a puppy. Your muscles and bones are about to develop, so games in which we use force or physical exercise, have to be much more measured than with an adult.

With a puppy you can play, in reality, any adult game. Just keep in mind what I said above and that smell has a slower development, so games related to using your nose, will be taking more importance over time, and will be much more accurate as your little hairy is fulfilling days and weeks. This does not mean that you do not use them, because you will also find it fascinating to see the evolution in a few dates.

Try that the games that you give to your dog start from a game for two, and do not give him simply “solitaires”. That your baby canine relate as early as possible that the fun is shared, will help you in the bond, and also in the training you can do with it.

I do not want to minimise the importance of the dog learning to play alone. It is equally important that it can be managed when it is not the time to offer the fun that he demands, so do not forget to also provide games in which he can develop only cognitively. The games that exist in the market are very varied, and there are also many others that you can do at home.

Play, rest, play again

The puppies have all their time to investigate, run around and invent games to have a good time. If it were for them, the vast majority would not stop until they ran out of batteries … and in many cases that’s the way it is.

It costs so little to get to play with a ball of funny hair that rebuke you to be your accomplice at the time of having fun, that often we lose our hand and we have the dog playing without control of time, without guidelines … and suddenly we change the plans before the stunned look of a little hair full of energy to not let us go away to do something else.

It is necessary to establish a game time, not too long, where to control the excess of activity, which often becomes increasingly strong bites and behaviours that we do not want to encourage, and on the other hand, teach the puppy how to relax after a period of high excitation. Having a dog going up and down these levels of activation and learning to manage it by itself, will avoid many problems in the future, which are largely the cases that we find every day in the visits we make to homes canine trainers .

This work and learn to play in a healthy and productive way with a puppy, we will be working on our next game workshop on January 14, 2017, because it seems fundamental to treat these issues when the puppy begins to face life.

So when you give up on fun with your little dog, do not forget to play and rest every few minutes, to return to the game later, when you notice that you have managed to relax or change the focus and start doing something else.

What do I do if he bites me?

Your dog has to change his teeth and there will be a complicated stage for him, and he may despair a little. Make sure you can redirect your bite towards toys that can calm you, and always give that alternative because pretending to stop biting when your mouth hurts, would not be fair to him either.

In addition, sometimes because of the high activation mentioned in the previous section, you will start to bite harder or bite everything that is within your reach. Avoid the situation, and if it occurs, for the game to begin to relate that a bite is not part of the fun. You do not need to leave him without playing for 20 minutes; It is possible that a few minutes or even seconds are enough for you to assess the situation.

Not everything is game!
It is precisely because the puppy needs to know when is the time to play and when not, that establishing a game routines with him will help you and him to be clear when to expect the funniest moments of the day. You will be able to stay calm longer in times you have never played, and activate to enjoy yourself when you know that you will be willing to accompany him in the game.

Establishing suitable places will also generate greater security when starting to play. If you have never started the game in the living room and yet every time you go out on the terrace you encourage him to pull on the other side of a rope, rest assured that he will feel much more predisposed to have that behaviour outside than inside.

You can take advantage of their natural moments to play, which vary with each dog but are usually marked in their day to day, or change them progressively, offering alternatives that are aimed at specific schedules and behaviours.

The better your puppy can predict the time and place where the game is more than welcome, the better your coexistence will be and the more enriching your moments together.

And to you, do you think that your dog has more or less clear what is the time to play and where should he do it?

Why you must train your dog

Having a dog that misbehaves can be embarrassing. You don’t want to take him out in public and, worse yet, you’re afraid he might harm someone or get in harms way himself. For these reasons, training your dog is a vital aspect of dog ownership.

At the very least, you must train your dog to obey the “sit” and “come” commands. This way you will be able to control an unruly dog in most any social situation. More importantly, you’ll be able to call your dog back to you if you see he is heading into a dangerous situation.

Lets face it, having a dog that does not obey you can really harm your relationship with your pet. You probably adopted a dog so that you would have a companion you could bring with you to most places and if your dog runs wild and doesn’t listen to you, you will soon find that no one wants him around. The result is that you spend less and less time with your dog and your bond becomes weaker and weaker.

A well behaved dog, on the other hand, is a treat for everyone – especially the owner. You will find that your friends and family welcome your dog and even request that you bring him over. This is really what having a dog is about – being able to bring your furry best friend with you and feel like he is wanted.A trained dog is the perfect dog

When training your pet, you want to start with the basics and make sure he has those down pat before moving on to more challenging commands. If your dog has problem areas like excessive barking or jumping up on people, then try working on those as they can be particularly annoying.

Perhaps the most important command to teach your dog is “site”. That’s because it causes your dog to become stationary and can stop him from running around and causing (or heading towards) trouble. It is also a command that your dog must master before he learns other commands. That’s because “sit” is the position he must be in at that start of many other command such as lay down. Sort of like a prerequisite course in school that you have to take before you can take a more advanced course!

When it comes to training, patience is key, but if you have a dog or are thinking about adopting one, then you must think of training as a necessary part of dog ownership. After all, you want your dog to be safe and secure, don’t you? Training him to mind is critical for your pets safety.

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a “chore”. Instead, think of it as a bonding experience. Set aside time each day for training and you will soon find that you and your dog come to a different understanding and a deeper, more satisfying relationship.

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